Ash Scattering

imageMany people specify in their Will that they would like to have their ashes cast into the sea.

The Great Escape’s Skipper is very experienced in guiding people through this process.

Casting is the act of throwing the cremation ashes to the wind and is usually just called scattering.  U.K. law permits ash scattering out at sea.

Here are some thoughts on how to scatter ashes:-

  • There are often more ashes than you realise and they can cover a large area
  • We would suggest you invest in a scattering tube or urn as they are far more dignified than the plastic container you receive from the crematorium
  • Keep the container as low as possible ideally below waist height
  • A special date: birthday, anniversary
  • Sunrise and sunset are symbolic but other factors can come into the ceremony i.e. location, time of day
  • Make a note of words to be spoken and/or poem(s) to be read

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